• Dry anaerobic digestion

    Low pretreatment requirements

    No scum and sediment

    Less waste water

    Dry anaerobic digestion
  • high solid anaerobic digestion

    Less land occupation and investment;

    Not easy to produce scum and sediment

    Less heat consumption

    high solid anaerobic digestion
  • Wet (CSTR) anaerobic digestion

    Easy maintenance, stable operation

    Short construction period and reliable quality

    Not easy to produce scum and sediment

    Wet (CSTR) anaerobic digestion
  • MSW pretreatment

    High adaptability

    High proportion of resource recovery

    Stable and reliable operation

    MSW pretreatment

Shanghai Jacn Energy & Environment Co. Ltd.

Shanghai JACN Energy & Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading provider of integrated organic waste solution in China, focusing on municipal, agricultural and industrial organic waste harmlessness-recycling-energization comprehensive treatment and utilization. JACN, the pioneer of dry anaerobic digestion technology in China, successfully developed dry, half-dry and wet anaerobic digestion technologies.

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